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Motion in architecture

Technical seminar\Fall Mark Mack suprastudio\ UCLA

Instructor: Steve Lee

Primarily a form-finding exercise, this project uses the following 3 parameters:

1: Time and Spatial Sequence: Although mostly designed as static elements, architecture is always perceived as a spatial sequence within a certain time-frame related to human bodily movements. We go through a sequence of spatial transitions from node to node all the time which is constructed by intentional and unintentional activities. This exercise explores the interrelationship between movement and space in order to enhance spatial design.
2: Choreography in Architecture:  By tracing the bodily expressions and group movements in choreographic forms, design strategies are created using dramatic architectural forms or expressions as individual objects or as groups.
3: Chronophotography and Digital Tools: Chronophotographic techniques developed by Etienne-Jules Marey in relation to recent digital techniques including IK & FK modeling, animation and blend shaping in Maya, aid to create animated spaces with still and active objects. 

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