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Projection mapping

Fall studio project\Mark Mack suprastudio\UCLA

Instructors: Mark Mack, Steve Lee

Video art: Manojna Acharya Katte

Projection mapping and installation art: Manojna, Loveleen Brar, Jiantong Gao

Music, Theater and Visual Art conspire in its desire to take us out of the normative world and transport us to the realm of sensual new possibilities. Conceptual architectural thinking and spatial speculations inherent in the discipline of academic architecture can infuse performance based disciplines thus catapult spatial ideas beyond the limitations usually connected to real architecture.

Architecture as Performance or Performance based on architecture. The two definitions conjure up the divide architecture finds itself in today, on one hand architecture performs as a static and material stepping stone in the making of an urban experience, yet the duration and financial expense limits the a priori and exciting possibility of an architectural un-reality which is free of these constrains. This new freedom releases architecture from its Vitruvian foundations and allows for a lighter, ephemeral and soaring expression of spatial and experiential ideas.

Rather than thinking of architecture as a static housing for events or performances, a new architecture using the advances in temporary staging, robotized movements, light and visual eruptions emerge. This stimulates new experiences achieved through new technologies and can take over portions of the public realm, to expand architecture and urban space into a performance space.

Our installation, Fragmented reflections was perceived as a tool for telling stories. Visually captivating essays that respond to sound and pull the audience into the piece. It was created as a prototype to study the effect of spilling of projection through the perforated surfaces onto the surroundings. The mirrored floor reflects the projection and the perforations thus expanding the space. 

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