Acting | stage design | production

One of my passions that has shaped much of my existence is theater. I have always seen it as a great device that helps us transcend space and time. It creates a world right in front of one's eyes with the set, lighting and costumes. Design of these elements is of great interest to me and this led me to take up theater. I have worked on devising plays as an actor and designing sets and props for multiple plays which have given me great insight into the process of making a theatrical production. 

Cage of sparrows

The design for this play evolved through a metaphorical understanding of the script. Heavy gunny sacks were used by actors to move around during and in-between scenes in order to not only make different spaces, but also signify the weight these characters were carrying on their shoulders. Different colored ropes hung from the ceiling to the bags and sometimes created boundaries, sometimes signified ties between spaces and characters.