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The team

Greenroom fellowship

In 2014-15, Happy Hands lead an interdisciplinary team to villages in north Karnataka with the goal of enabling an exchange of ideas, thoughts and traditions set to bring about a change in the lives of craftspeople. The 3 outcomes of this fellowship were:


ANEGUNDI TRAILS A theatrical heritage walk, performed by the community members, narrating the past and present of Anegundi.

HAMPI-ANEGUNDI : A CULTURAL LANDSCAPE India’s first ever Traveling Museum, curated based on research with help from ASI, Hampi. We have attempted to create replicas that seek to narrate the richness of the Vijaynagar Empire, and the continuing efforts in conservation at Anegundi. The exhibit also offers a glimpse into the fine example Anegundi is setting, in sustainable living.

ANEGUNDI : A RANGE OF SOUVENIRS A group of local women are being trained to develop souvenir products inspired from the legends and history that Anegundi is known for.

The performance


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