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Instrumentalization of space

Technical seminar\Winter quarter\ Mack suprastudio\UCLA

Instructor: Steve Lee

Supraband: Manojna Acharya, Loveleen Brar, Erik Broberg, Tyson Phillips, Michelle Pauly, Taira, Ran Israeli, Barak

This technical seminar on digital programming and fabrication, focused on creating individual digital instruments to play music and visuals and perform together as a band. 

This Supra-VJ device is designed to control lights on multiple instruments in the band. 

  •  Supra-VJ is completely dismantlable. This feature helps it to be mobile and easy to unbox and repair. 


  •  It is connected independently to each instrument, hence allowing for multiple/solo performances to be highlighted. 


  •  The central box can be fitted with as many loops of control boxes as needed. This makes it scalable and easy to expand or reduce the size of the instrument. 

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