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About me:
I work as a designer at the intersection of architecture, digital arts and performance. I am interested in conversations pertaining to current political, social and urban scenarios. With my multidisciplinary learning I use multiple mediums including place making, stage design and projection mapping to create interactive, immersive environments and experiences that engage the public.
I graduated from UCLA A.UD in 2017 from the Mark Mack Suprastudio, focusing on the integration of architecture and urban design disciplines with staging techniques, festival architecture, temporary installations, interactive media and digital projection among other tools to create new, more engaging urban experiences. Prior to that, I received my Bachelor of Architecture from BMSCE, Bangalore, India in 2011. Since then, I have explored multiple areas of work such as conventional architecture, conservation research and theater practice as an actor and designer. 
Going forward, I aim to research Interactive design and its application in performing and public arts. To combine performance techniques, interactive architecture and digital arts and technology as tools to create awareness and public engagement. 



Architecture projects from 2011-2017

Motion in Architecture

Form finding

Although mostly designed as static elements, architecture is always perceived as a spatial sequence within a certain time-frame related to human bodily movements.

Performance and architecture

Projection Mapping

Our installation, Fragmented reflections was perceived as a tool for telling stories. Visually captivating essays that respond to sound and pull the audience into the piece. It was created as a prototype to study the effect of spilling of projection through the perforated surfaces onto the surroundings. The mirrored floor reflects the projection and the perforations thus expanding the space. 


Instrument design and fabrication

This technical seminar on digital programming, design and fabrication, focused on creating individual digital instruments to play music and visuals and perform together as a band. 

MIDI mapping, arduino boards and other audio-visual tools were used to create the instruments. 



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Describe your image.



Describe your image.


An urban intervention

This social experiment examines peoples reaction to messages of hate and fear and compels them to take action and stay united. 


Stage design and acting

 I have worked on devising plays as an actor and designing sets and props for multiple plays which have given me great insight into the process of making a theatrical production. 

For-impact work

Green Room has been a Happy Hands Foundation initiative to facilitate an exchange of the rural and the modern; of the traditional and the contemporary which gives a wider scope to the artisan to think, and gives an exposure to urban-dwellers into the world of crafts. The Fellowship in an opportunity for young creative professionals (and students) to explore ideas and possibilities set alongside the vast craft and art traditions India. The Happy Hands Foundation hosts the fellowship once every two years with a view to foster meaningful collaborations between rural artisans and urban creative minds focused to create impact in a community through a radical approach. The experience enables artisans and fellows to learn from each other, and create innovative, sustainable solutions for crafts and the community.

Architecture portfolio 
Art :
Photography | Painting | Doodling 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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